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Best Drum Solo Ever.... by Irene
Modern drummer has a really tough question for its readers - what is the best drum solo ever? They are even asking readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on the subject to <email> . So if you think you have a theory - ...
Mind Blowing Drumming by Irene
I found a great video at Grow a Brain, which is always a good place to go to find anything that is out ouf the usual.(scroll down all the way - the video I am speaking about is the last one on this post). Once you watch this video, I'm sure you ...
Nico the Beast by Irene

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hi still looking for 18x18 custom z floor tom 18x18 and 8"tom cheers mark
by Guest - 1 week ago
hi i have 12x10 custom z tom
by mark barron - 1 week ago
Was at a David Gray solo acoustic concert in Boston last night - clune joined him onstage for three songs. First time they have been on stage together for ten years. He was awesome as ...
by None - 3 weeks ago
Nice picture's of your drums . I really like the set up that you have there. If you really wont a good sound out of the drums . Use a Drum Dial . High's and Low's in the drums . Only depend ...
by Drummer901 - 1 month ago
Is it an old Ludwig set . Between the year of the 1970s . Show some picture's of what you have .Better to see what you have. You say has some cracks on the shells . So, it just has a few ...
by Drummer901 - 1 month ago
Actually SONOR is your best bet if you are going to buy a drum set . Or Ludwig . Pearl and Tama are good to . A few others brand names as well . LOL I just can't think of all of them. Only ...
by Drummer901 - 1 month ago
pearl custom Z Shell set for sale. see ...
by Guest - 1 month ago

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