How do you make Cymbals softer?
Dear Fellow Drummers, Recently I came across a jazz part that required a riveted or sizzled ride cymbal. I have a Zildjian 20'. I decided to buy the Promark Rattler to give the sizzle effect. Now I ...
by hotjupiter
Broken cymbals
I could use some tips on how to fix or al lest slow down the cracking of cymbals. I thought soder might be a good i dea, but thought id ask some advice first.
by minusthebear
FS: Pre Ebay cymbals
Hey all, Here is a list of some nice cymbals that I am not using All have shipping included: Sabian 21 Jo Jo Mayer Fierce ride. Lists for almost $500.00, $200.00 Istanbul 18' flat ride Not sure of ...
by teri tait
FS/T: Zildjian Cymbals
Time for some different stuff again. For sale or trade (prefer trade): 20 K Heavy Ride Regular Finish Mint Cond. 13 K Hi Hats - great condition exc. for some tape residue on one cymbal they're mint. ...
by bhakti
Clean the cymbals with
A buffer and the stuff I used on my cymbals . But every one has there own opinion .
by Drummer901
I have a 1973 Evans drumset that has four drums and two cymbals. Drum heads...
I have a 1973 Evans drumset that has four drums and two cymbals. Drum heads have been replaced about 4 years ago. What is it worth?
by Guest
Re: Tama vs Pearl Intro Level Kits
... round. Wait for the right price. I spent $1100 and got everything I needed, including all hardware, cymbals, etc.. I played a friend of mines Pearls. I think some people just buy the name. The ...
by gsbisht1
Re: Aquarian Drumsticks?
... right? I hated them, personally...they flexed like a big doggie, and they had a thin-thin sound on ...
by glucose
Re: Would Electronic Drums be a good starter set???
Electronic drums could also be very beneficial in the learning process. I've read numerous interviews with Terry Bozzio noting how 'unforgiving' pads are and how it forced him to tighten/loosen his ...
by orion11349
Re: New Section !!
OK what do you say of the following list to be the forum categories: Gear - Drumset - Cymbals - Heads and Sticks - Other Drum Gear Playing - Drum Technique / Tips - Drum Tabs - General Drum Chat - ...
by admin
Hey, everyone! I'm brand-new here (just joined a few minutes ago) and I app...
Hey, everyone! I'm brand-new here (just joined a few minutes ago) and I appreciate ya'll letting me sign up. I'm thirty-nine years old and first learned to play drums in my former home church ...
by Tony Trout
Re: Tama Superstars for sale
... tars are vs the rockstars. I have a used candy apple red rockstar set I bought for a 100. including cymbals. I need a secound bass drum. How much are you selling your 22x16 for? You can reach me at ...
by Tama 22x16 bass
Re: Need Help with Playing Drums in Garage
... orges suggestion is true, but placing say pillow cases or small pieces of sheets over the drums and cymbals will quiet the drums quite a bit, but they will also not really sound like drums very much. ...
by Chainsaw
Re: 70s drum sound
Hey " guy's what is yall own "'Opinion" about old drum sound .... and the latest model's in the drum name's today' Mid school sound is real good Newer sound getting better .well made drums ..I ...
by nsra65
Re: My Japanese snare drum collection and Parumpapumpum
... his. I'm warmed by how many of you want to contribute and sponsor. Any kind of working drums, sets, cymbals, parts will be accepted for donation. Nobody has asked about the tax write off yet but I'm ...
by Linda2
Re: Pearl Z Custom 18" x 18" Floor Tom and 22" x 18" Bassdrum
there is nothing such as Pearl Z !! I know Zildjian Z series for cymbals, and for Pearl there are export, custom, forum, vision etc...
by Some1
Re: Ears ringing
Well yes, but it also dulls the sound from the cymbals and it makes the drums more distant sounding. Additionally, I don't work with a band, I just play the drums on my own at the moment. I'm talking ...
by Woodgate
Re: Clean your cmybal's
I was looking at my post and the use of Twinkle on the cymbal reads a little confusing. When I say wipe in circles , I mean with the grooves. Always clean with the groove pattern. Twinkle has a ...
by jim patterson
Re: Drummers seeks new kit
... ot. are you planning on taking this kit out anywhere? because it will not fit just anywhere. as for cymbals, its your call. the original a zildjian series cymbals are hard to go wrong with. ...
by KlSwena
Re: Pic of a Big drum set
lol ! :D :D Dude could he actually play all those cymbals and all ? B) Or just for an show off ;) whatever it is ,its a nice drum set :)
by Premkumar
Re: Big Big Problem
... u please help me? do u prefer tama or yamaha drums? the tama drum is: bass, floor, snare, 3toms, 3 cymbals + hihat cymbals ...
by angellovely18
Re: Advice on buying first drum kit
Pearl's Export is great. Get the Export Select if you want a nicer finish, but it's about the same, about $50 difference, maybe a bit more. The yamaha Stage Custom is also a nice kit, about the ...
by Neximuss
Help me create my set up ;]
... oking for...i really like the sound of mark o'connell from taking back sunday...2-3 damp toms...3-4 cymbals...high snare...BUT...all the years ive been playing ive been playing for churchs/using ...
by mrporkypinehead
I have a custom 1997 Canadian Maple Sleishman kit for sale. 4 piece, 20" ba...
I have a custom 1997 Canadian Maple Sleishman kit for sale. 4 piece, 20" bass, 14" snare, 12" tom, 14" floor tom, aqua green natural woodgrain, absolutely brilliant kit with big sound, Gibralter ...
by Tattoogazza
Re: Cymbal frustration
... ntly purchased a second hand premier pk kit with paiste 2002 hats various ,**** zildjian and paiste cymbals (3 crash and 1 ride) for 325 pounds. Now, three months later , the only thing left is the ...
by Bluestar
What kind of drumkits are you guys playing these days?
... ft.100% birch shells with birch laquer finish,6 1/2x14 chrome snare,all gibralter hardware&zildjian cymbals.Just click on my picture and you can see my kit. ...
by Tim Goldman
Re: Pastie/ludwig cymbal question
At one time Ludwig was the only company in America that distributed Piaste cymbals. So, there should be a number of cymbals to be found that have that logo on them!
by jim patterson
Re: Paiste Cymbal Cleaning Question
I just read somewhere to not use brasso on cymbals as cymbals are made of ??? not brass it will leave a very heavy residue. I also have a vague memory of cleaning some balinese< also made of bronze?> ...
by ssarmyrem
Re: New drummer
I suggest you spend just a little bit more and get a name brand set like a pearl Export for several reasons. The difference in sound is appreciable. the difference in the pedals and stands is ...
by UKsceptic
Re: Snare drum set up
HEY Man and I'm just going to LAY IT ON THE LINE and that is if it wasn't for 60's & 70's music there wouldn't be any 80's,90's & 2000's music and that's the GOD'S TRUTH! And If you can show me how ...
by Tim Goldman
Need some drumming answers
... the proud owner of my very first drum kit. I have a Mapex Mars Series, 5 piece with Zildjan ZBT Pro cymbals, 16 inch crash and 20 inch ride with hi-hats, as a starter kit. I have never played drums ...
by Bluestar
Re: Question for you folks.
... for an unbeliavable price of $300 recently. Real steal, and it sounds great. (Although the no-name cymbals are already beat up, and I've only had it since last Friday) ...
by mircus2003
Re: Cymbal cleaning
... hat's right, Aspiring Young Musician! You can spend your music budget on orange juice to clean your cymbals!!! For a more economical approach, I would suggest the cheaper mild household acid known as ...
by angel
Re: Cymbal info
Hi Artie. I've always considered my Hi-hats to be the most important of my cymbals as they are the ones used most with the kit. They have to sound good both when hit and also when used via pedal ...
by kcbergmo
Qs from Newbie/Oldie
... rchased a used set of Pearl 'Sessions' (or similar) 5-piece set from the mid 80's with all Zildjian cymbals - a great find for me. Need help as follows: 1) What is the best way to ...
by elbmod
Re: Hmm Buying new hi-hats need peoples opinon
Rock zildjian's Hi-Hat's is the way to go if you play "'Hard" LOL ''**** " Nodout ?? If i was playing that kind of music ..That is what i would buye " I have a set of old 1980's Zildjian's ...
by nsra65
Re: Last chance!!
What Kind of cymbals do you have and how much are you selling them for
by glucose
Neil Peart's ..Sabian Paragon
Neil Peart's . Talking about his Sabian Diamond Paragon cymbals making ! On Please i hope i got this {Right}
by Drummer901

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